Why Deep Roots?

We know that Deep Roots offers an innovative and comprehensive health care approach that can make a difference in your life now, and a year and ten years from now. If you value honesty, integrity, and a holistic approach to healthcare then you will appreciate the experience at Deep Roots Family Medicine.

How much will this cost? I've heard it's expensive.

The cost of service is based upon the complexity of the visit.  We offer a 30% discount for those who pay out of pocket, and are willing to consider payment plans as well.  We feel that the price for our services is a great value and we strive to make some type of Naturopathic care available to people of all incomes. 

What will my life be like in the future if I decide to begin to work with the practitioners at Deep Roots Medicine?

The most common benefits include more energy, better sleep, a feeling of “vitality”, less pain, better emotional stability and expression, and a major step toward the prevention of premature chronic disease.

The benefits of Contemporary Reichian Therapy commonly include more connection to self and others, a feeling of empowerment, more confidence, a better understanding of how your past and present experiences influence your health, an ability to stand up for yourself, and an enhanced ability to avoid addiction and destructive behavior.

What can I expect for the First Visit?

The goal of the first visits is to formulate a comprehensive understanding of you and your health care goals. Our initial evaluation will include history, physical exam, labwork (when appropriate), and Naturopathic evaluation tools such as tongue and pulse diagnosis, organ reflexes, and functional exams.

In addition we incorporate a biophysical examination and mind/body treatment approach when desired and appropriate (Contemporary Reichian Therapy). With your goals and limitations in mind, we will then formulate a treatment plan that is based on these findings.

Do you accept Insurance?

Yes we will check benefits for you and bill your insurance company. Co-pays and deductible are collected at the time of service.

What Types of Conditions will you Treat?

Naturopathic doctors are trained to treat any type of condition, and will evaluate and refer appropriately when necessary. Certified Nurse-Midwives can treat women from puberty through menopause with a focus on pregnancy and women's health.

What is the training of a Naturopathic Doctor?

Licensed Naturopathic Physicians accredited through the CNME (Council for Naturopathic Medical Education) receive a 4-5 year classroom and clinical education characterized by extensive training in the basic medical sciences, and a 2-3 year rotation of clinical internship, and preceptorship. The Naturopathic medical education parallels the education of M.D.s in most areas, with a similar training in Clinical and Physical Diagnosis, Imaging, and Laboratory assessment. Additionally an ND receives training in nutrition, physical medicine, homeopathy, counseling, and botanical medicine in order to develop an extensive understanding of natural therapeutic options.

What if me or my child are sick and just need acute care?

We accept patients with all types of healthcare needs. Regardless of the reason for your first visit, it is important to understand that we operate from a health rather than a disease model. This means that while we are skilled in managing acute disease, we do this by creating health rather than fighting disease.