Nutrition appointments are conducted by our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with the oversight of the doctor.  Appointments last 45 minutes and Dr Gonzales comes in for 5-10 minutes of that time.  The foundation of a nutrient-dense, properly prepared diet is necessary for the body’s recovery from any illness.  The nutrition work often specifically addresses immune health, detoxification, digestion, and blood sugar balance, all of which also build a foundation on which good health can stand.

At an appointment you can expect some of the following:  detailing of an individualized dietary protocol addressing your concerns, help with the practicalities of implementing your diet, answering of questions you have, education on food and how your body functions, advice to improve lifestyle factors, targeted supplement recommendations, evaluation of symptom burden and progress made, fine tuning and troubleshooting for your protocol, encouragement, etc.

Throughout the nutritional therapy process we are looking to remove obstacles to the body’s healing and provide the nutrients and other therapies necessary to allow your health to flourish.

Food sensitivity testing is available.  We use US Biotek’s panel of approximately 100 foods.  We help you interpret the results and know what to eliminate and when to reintroduce foods.  People consistently get good results by obtaining this important information.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy can often be a valuable tool in conjunction with nutritional therapy.  It enhances the effectiveness of the dietary changes while reducing unpleasant side effects of detoxification.  It also allows for more frequent check-ins during the critical phases of your healing journey.

Working with the team of ND+NTP is a huge advantage to the patient.  You get medical supervision of your nutritional interventions while getting the support you need to make dietary changes.